Owning Up Upper Elementary Curriculum

Upper Elementary

Owning Up Online Curriculum

Empowering 4th and 5th grade students to create cultures of dignity, understand their emotions, and build essential skills

Owning Up teaches young people that their dignity and the dignity of others is the principle that guides our decisions and actions every day in our friendships, families, and schools.

Created in collaboration with young people and educators, Owning Up Upper Elementary Curriculum guides young people to understand:

  • themselves in relation to group behavior
  • the influence of social media on their identity and conflicts
  • the dynamics that lead to discrimination and bigotry and how to address them effectively
  • how to regulate their emotions and know when and how to ask for help from a trusted adult
  • how to address the systems of power and oppression

This online curriculum includes

This online Owning Up Upper Elementary Curriculum includes

Purchasing the Owning Up Upper Elementary Curriculum, gives you access to videos, sessions, handouts, and slide decks.

5 Professional Development videos

These videos cover how to integrate the concept of dignity your classroom, how early adolescent development impacts social dynamics of your students, best practices, and guides you through how to teach SEAL and more!

18 Handouts

Download handouts that correspond to each session.

26 Sessions

You will have access to each session’s pdf.

View scope and sequence here.

26 Google Slide Decks

You will have access to a google slide deck for each session

Supplemental Materials

Guide to adapting Owning Up for virtual learning. Parent welcome letters in English and Spanish. Scope and Sequence.

Whether you teach in a school, a team, or a youth-serving organization, Owning Up is a flexible, innovative curriculum that respects your knowledge of the young people and communities you serve by giving you the following:

Designed sessions to be facilitated by a school counselor, teacher, leader, or other professionals in small group settings

Discussions, games, and role-playing to engage adolescents in the complexities of social culture.

Connects critical topics such as friendship conflicts, media analysis, gender, sexual harassment, racism, self-image, and identifying supportive adults.

Elementary students’ are old enough to be aware of and experience social dynamics, power, and the complexity of relationships. This age group is also experiencing puberty at younger ages which also impacts the social dynamics of the educational environment. 

All of this means that elementary students need to learn social skills and emotional regulation to support their learning now.


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I'm a middle school counselor, and this year I'm using the curriculum with 7th graders. I've been pleasantly surprised and happy with students' willingness to participate in SEL lessons. I think with the context of the last couple of years, emotions continue to run high and students have so much personal stuff going on that they need to process. Thank you for this curriculum.

I really appreciate having the slides and handouts so easily accessible online also. I really need a curriculum to drive my program because otherwise, I would waste time looking online for lessons or piecing together my own thing, and I just don't have time. Anyway, you guys are doing a great job! It's tough out here on the front lines. The struggle is real.

Marnie CarlsonJunior High Guidance Counselor