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We recognize that for the foreseeable future teaching social and emotional skills will be taught in a combination of virtual and online learning environments. To that end, we will be offering our resources and trainings, in a variety of methods including online trainings.
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Social dynamics, anxiety, and conflicts influence every child’s ability to learn. A safe school climate depends on teaching students the skills to manage their emotions and critically think through solutions to social conflicts. How, then, do you prepare youth to be engaged learners and responsible, socially conscious citizens?

Owning Up Curriculum provides you with the resources to teach young people that their dignity and the dignity of others is the principle that guides our decisions and actions every day in our friendships, families, and schools.

Created in collaboration with young people and educators, Owning Up Curriculum guides young people to understand:

  • themselves in relation to group behavior
  • the influence of social media on their identity and conflicts
  • the dynamics that lead to discrimination and bigotry and how to address them effectively
  • how to regulate their emotions and know when and how to ask for help from a trusted adult
  • how to address the systems of power and oppression

Whether you teach in a school, a team, or a youth-serving organization, Owning Up is a flexible, innovative curriculum that respects your knowledge of the young people and communities you serve by giving you the following:

Designed sessions to be facilitated by a school counselor, teacher, leader, or other professionals in small group settings

Discussions, games, and role-playing to engage adolescents in the complexities of social culture.

Connects critical topics such as friendship conflicts, media analysis, gender, sexual harassment, racism, self-image, and identifying supportive adults.

Lessons are separated by age so there are distinct classes for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

Owning Up for Upper Elementary and High School will be available soon!

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The Owning Up Training is a professional development program for educators who work with middle and high school students to implement the Owning Up Curriculum in their school or organization. While an individual can buy Owning Up and use it without receiving any training, the Training gives educators the best foundation to implement the curriculum. In addition, we have online resources that are available when and where it works best for you. 

District Wide Trainings

Bring the CoD team to your district and train on the core concepts of the Owning Up Program including civic dialogue and critical thinking in moments of conflict across all campuses.

School Wide Trainings

Learn ways to understand and engage in the academic, social, and emotional complexities of adolescence relevant to your community


Individual Trainings

We already have Owning Up Trainings scheduled around the country. Join one of the trainings near you!

"Individuals responsible for the implementation of Owning Up are the cornerstone for its success in their community. They are teaching students to treat themselves and others with dignity. They are teaching them to educate themselves about power and privilege, oppression, personal accountability, and bearing witness when others oppress and discriminate against those who have less power.

Most important, they are empowering students to work as agents of positive change and influence in their own lives and in the lives of others."

-Middle Web article featuring Owning Up