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"Owning Up is an invaluable curriculum. I have used it consistently for 15 years in many settings. It is particularly relevant for middle schoolers, who need guidance in the operations of social culture and how to navigate the often treacherous landscape of relationships through middle school and beyond."

Julie Baron, LCSW-CFormer Middle School Counselor, Adolescent Therapist, and co-author of What Works With Teens

Individuals responsible for the implementation of Owning Up are the cornerstone for its success in their community. They are teaching students to treat themselves and others with dignity. They are teaching them to educate themselves about power and privilege, oppression, personal accountability, and bearing witness when others oppress and discriminate against those who have less power.

Most important, they are empowering students to work as agents of positive change and influence in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Middle Web article featuring Owning Up

The lessons are incredibly relevant. I have students participate and raise hand to share that usually do not. This morning I started session 4 about teasing and laughing, and the class had such a powerful discussion. They thought about really important concepts to carry with them next year into middle school.

Melissa LundeSchool Based Mental Health Associate